"An approach to forest degradation assessment in the Argentinian Dry Chaco"

Ecóloga Teresa de Marzo
becaria doctoral de la Universidad
Humboldt (Alemania),


In the Argentinian Dry Chaco, alongside the massive and relatively well-understood loss of forest due to agriculture expansion, there is widespread forest degradation, caused by a variety of land uses, as forest grazing, selective logging for timber, or charcoal production. Such practices now likely affect much of the remaining forest, however, the extent, severity, and trends of forest degradation in the Chaco are unknown. Recent progresses in remote sensing data availability and methods development provide opportunities to improve the detection and mapping of subtle and gradual forest changes, including forest degradation. We make full use of the entire Landsat image archive to investigate the history and distribution of abrupt disturbances and long-term vegetation trends in order to get a better understanding of forest degradation processes in the Argentinian Dry Chaco.