CICLO DE CHARLAS  IER 2023, Martes 9 Mayo 11 h, las cúpulas

Safeguarding Biodiversity and Climate Resilience: Monitoring and Adapting in a Changing World

International partnerships between researchers from Argentina and the UK present their research on safeguarding pollinators, biodiversity, and climate resilience. Their work includes biodiversity modeling, land cover mapping, and using AI to monitor insect biodiversity.

Reto Schmucki y Alba Segura-Gomez
(UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Wallingford, UK)

Resumen: Biodiversity loss and human-induced environmental change are affecting the health and resilience of ecosystems worldwide, undermining human well-being and the productivity of natural and managed ecosystems. We will present research developed through SURPASS "Safeguarding Pollinators and Pollination Services" and SABIOMA "Safeguarding Biodiversity and Climate Resilience", two international partnerships between researchers from Argentina and the UK that aim to better understand how human society and agricultural systems benefit from biodiversity and how we can adapt and implement practises to prevent biodiversity loss and build resilience to climate change.

We will present the results of our work on crop pollination, biodiversity modelling, biological monitoring and land cover mapping. We will also present some of our work using new technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to measure and monitor insect biodiversity in Argentina and around the world. A better understanding of how our natural world works and how it responds to change is essential for local communities, food producers, land managers and policy makers who need better evidence-based tools to support decision-making and address the pressing challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change.