Graduated in Environmental Diagnostics and Management at UNICEN. A few years ago, motivated by the interest of specializing in conservation, I moved to the NEA where I gained experience in the field by assisting in different research projects focused especially on vertebrates. I am currently studying the Specialization in Conservation Biology taught by the National University of Misiones (UNaM) and I reside in the province of Tucumán.




CUEZZO, Adriana Carolina

I work in the area of ​​Entomology. I am interested in the diversity of insects, especially termites, in natural and agroforestry environments, their evolutionary history, systematic and morphological characterization, some ecological aspects such as interaction with symbionts, as well as their distribution in space and time. I collaborate with the IER team of researchers in the processing, characterization, maintenance and systematization of biodiversity samples; the execution of experiments and data analysis in the laboratory; the breeding and collection of insects, including field collection; the management, organization, and maintenance of the laboratory, related to equipment and supplies; the writing of technical reports, popular texts and scientific publications.



Javier Foguet

I specialize in GIS and remote sensing. I handle a wide set of technologies and techniques for spatial analysis and remote sensing. Among other things, I have experience in obtaining maps of uses and coverage; analysis of change of uses and coverage; terrain suitability analysis; connectivity analysis; location-allocation models; generation of time series of dynamic variables; very high spatial resolution mappings with drones. I have worked at different scales in Puna, Yungas and Chaco environments.



Alberto Gonzalo Martín, Padilla Bortayro 

I specialize in the environment in general, the field of applied biology and the application of the scientific method. My experience is diverse and includes aquatic environments (sea and river), terrestrial environments such as the Puna, Chaco, Yungas, and Patagonia, developing Biodiversity Monitoring, water quality, underground and surface water physico-chemical analysis. Strategic programs for the conservation of biodiversity. Reforestation with native species in semi-desert areas and areas impacted by industrial activities. I specialized in following standard safety procedures. Analysis of environmental and labor risks. Carrying out and updating Environmental Impact Studies (EIA). Development of the Environmental Management System and application of the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 Certification. Plan for recycling and reducing the generation of hazardous waste generated by industrial activities. Database development. Preparation of technical and scientific reports.



My research interests are mainly related to Ecology, Forest Dynamics and Wildlife Management and Conservation. I am currently working as biodiversity database manager, resulting from the different projects of the IER. I organize, manage and maintain the databases for internal use; coordinate IER's participation in databases shared with other institutions; manage public access to IER's databases; participate in the planning of data collection, to make its incorporation to the databases more efficient; and collaborate in the development of monitoring systems applied to biodiversity, natural resources and socio-ecological systems.





Tisone, Jose Luis

Trained park ranger and Bachelor of Tourism. My interests are mainly related to ecology in general, protected areas, local development, tourism, public use etc. I currently work as a field assistant for fellows and researchers. I collaborate with the internal communication committee and am responsible for the website and digital content. I participate in two research projects, one of vegetation restoration, and another of biodiversity monitoring of medium and large mammals in the Dry Chaco.