18/06/2018 | ANNOUNCEMENT
Project: The anthropocene in the NWA: definition of socio-ecoregions of the NWA and socio-ecological study for participatory decision-making; the Puna as a case study.

Postdoctoral fellowship opportunity about socio-ecology of the Northwestern form Argentina of the INSTITUTO DE ECOLOGÍA REGIONAL (IER, CONICET-UNT, Argentina)

Advisor: Andrea E. Izquierdo

Co-dadvisor: H. Ricardo Grau

Institution: Instituto de Ecología Regional (https://ier.conicet.gov.ar/)

Duración: 2 years


Candidate profile Ph.D. in Nature, Social or Geographic Sciences, with a strong preparation in ethnographic methods (surveys, participative or co-design technics and analysis of social data) and geographic information system applied to social studies.



Land use changes, in combination with climate change, are the main components of global change. Based on the theoretical framework of coupled natural-human systems or socio-ecosystems, in recent years some conceptual schemes have been developed to understand the consequences and implications of these changes for ecosystems and their populations. This project proposes to analyze the trends of population and use of the territory on NWA ecoregions for last 60 years identify the main agents of change, and elaborate a spatially explicit model of socio-ecological units of the NWA that combine biophysical and human data. At the regional level, carry out a socio-ecological analysis of the Puna as a case study, conceptualizing the different agents of change, their interests and level of influence (management practices, institutions, organizations and social networks). Both objectives will constitute the basis to propose planning and adaptation measures to socio-environmental changes that promote the balance between productive development of the different social groups and the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.
If interested send Curriculum Vitae including two references and cover letter to Andrea E. Izquierdo (aeizquierdo@gmail.com) – H. R. Grau (chilograu@gmail.com)

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