Blueberry: pollination and production in South America

As a result of an international collaboration project, three members of the Regional Ecology Institute participated in the publication of a book on blueberry pollination and production.

is publication is one of the products of the project “Safeguarding Pollination Services in a Changing World - SURPASS2”, an international partnership between Argentina, Brazil, Chile and the UK.

"Blueberry: pollination and production in South America" is a scientific dissemination book that offers valuable information on pollination and its importance for blueberry production in South America, with a particular focus on Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The authors, including Andrés Ramírez-Mejía, Natacha Chacoff and Pedro Blendinger from the Instituto de Ecología Regional, provide a detailed analysis of key blueberry pollinators and their role in crop production and yield.

The book begins with an introduction to blueberries and their production in South America, followed by a detailed description of the different types of pollinators and their contribution to blueberry production. The authors also discuss pollination techniques and practices used in the region, and provide recommendations to improve pollinator management and blueberry production in South America.

In addition, the book includes information on the ecology and behavior of pollinators, and how these factors can affect blueberry production in the region. The authors also highlight the importance of conserving pollinators and their natural habitats to ensure the sustainability of blueberry production in the long term.

In summary, the book uses friendly language for the general public, while offering a valuable resource for farmers, researchers, and other professionals interested in improving blueberry production in South America by providing detailed information and practical information on pollination and the importance of pollinators in the region.

The book is available and can be downloaded for free.
in Spanish, Portuguese and English