Project: Effects of climate and land use on tree demography of "new" montane forests of northwestern Argentina

Postdoctoral fellowship opportunity about vegetation dynamics of the INSTITUTO DE ECOLOGÍA REGIONAL (IER, CONICET-UNT, Argentina)

Advisor: Agustina Malizia, Investigadora Adjunto CONICET.

Co-dadvisor: Cecilia Blundo, Investigadora Asistente CONICET.

Institution: Instituto de Ecología Regional (

Duración: 2 years

Candidate profile Ph.D. in Biological, Forestry or related Sciences, with a strong preparation in statistical techniques (multivariate analysis, time series, spatial statistics, generalized linear models, programming).


Vegetation dynamics is the result of the interaction among climate change, changes in the diversity of species and changes associated with land use. In Argentina, montane forests and high mountain landscapes result from the interaction between climate change (temperature increases and change in the rainfall regime) and changes in land use (e.g. abandonment of agricultural land, regeneration of new forests, invasion by exotic species). This postdoctoral opportunity aims to analyze vegetation data from permanent plots of montane forests and high mountains with different land use history, some of these plots have 25 years of monitoring. The main objective is to model changes in i) structure of the vegetation, ii) demography of species and functional groups in relation to the climate and socio-ecological variables mentioned above. Results may contribute to understand the response of vegetation to global environmental changes related to human activities and to plan appropriate management and conservation strategies.


If interested send Curriculum Vitae and cover letter to Agustina Malizia ( - Cecilia Blundo (