cupulas_4The headquarters of the IER is located in the Complex of “University Residences of Horco Molle”, occupies the northern part of the building “Las Cúpulas”, about 1600 m2 including library, cabinets, laboratories, meeting room, collections repository, Tests and deposits. A variety of scientific equipment is available for the field work, including forestry instruments as well as specific equipment for the sampling of fauna.

Among the facilities we can highlight:

mapThe Regional Change, Remote Sensing and GIS laboratory: that has adequate hardware and licenses of different programs that provide the necessary capacities for conducting research, including Vector and Raster Geographic Information Systems, and programs for image analysis.
Capricorn Library is a specialized library mainly in the thematic area of ​​the Yungas, being at present one of the most complete ones of the Northwest Argentinean in relation to this subject. The Library Collection consists of books, theses, scientific journals, leaflets and a small collection of maps. It has more than 1900 books which are cataloged within 20 thematic areas <See more